Alterations and Tailoring in Valley Cleaners, Clayton CA

alteration in clayton CA

Alterations and Tailoring is part of our full service clothing care approach.

This is available from our Valley Cleaners in Clayton CA or through our pick-up and delivery service that comes to you weekly.

With our normal dry cleaning and laundry service we check your clothing and do minor repairs like resewing or replacing buttons.

alteration & tailoring in clayton CA USA

Our Tailor Services go beyond this to make sure your clothes alwaysfit well and are in good repair.
If you have new pants or just pants that could benefit from resizing let us do that. We can change the cuff style or length and/or change the waist size.

Jackets whether casual or part of a suit or tuxedo are a key part of a wardrobe. Having the size, fit, and sleeve length perfect can be the difference between an average outfit and one you love wearing.  Dresses can be altered as well, changing the pleats, length, or size to fit you your best.

Laundry Alteration in clayton CA USA


Like most of our services we make it easy to get your alterations done.

You can drop the clothing at our location in Valley Cleaners in Clayton CA or include them in a pickup at your location.

If the alteration needs to be more exact, or has several dimensions to match (like a dress or jacket resizing) it is best to have the person it is for bring the garment to our store to get measured by the tailor from 9am to 6pm most weekdays.

What article of clothing can we alter to fit more to your liking?

laundry alteration in clayton ca


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